ActivationHUB gives agencies and brands one place to collect, track, centralize, and analyze event results and operations. Capture leads, create surveys, track goals/KPIs, communicate with consumers, search past event results, monitor/train/communicate with brand ambassadors, build a talent database, and improve event workflow and operations.

Data Capture +

- Data Capture

Agencies and brands use ActivationHUB for all types of data collection programs; tracking promotions and mobile tours, measuring conversion rates, collecting leads, and pre, post, and in-market surveying. Your account management teams have complete control to customize branding on forms and all follow-up communication (emails or text messages). Collect data both online and offline and from any mobile device, tablet, or kiosk solution.

Goal & KPI tracking +

- Goal & KPI tracking

Track custom goals and KPIs per event or campaign; goals and KPIs can automatically be calculated by the ActivationHUB tool or captured by brand ambassadors. Whether it’s tracking promotions handed out, consumer photos, lead captures, surveys, or impressions. ActivationHUB tells you exactly where you stand, in real time.

Live Dashboards +

- Live Dashboards

ActivationHUB gives brands and agencies one place to track key metrics for each campaign. Whether you're measuring for internal purposes, or providing the data to a client to prove ROI on spend, ActivationHub allows you to easily create custom dashboards for each campaign to track key metrics in real-time.

Survey & Lead Generation +

- Survey & Lead Generation

Conduct pre-event, in-market, and post-event surveys with ActivationHUB’s built in survey tool. Choose from our industry and event-type specific question library or build your own custom questions. Implement custom branding and personalized follow up messaging for each event, automatically send out RSVP’s, reminders, emails, texts, and coupons that are custom for each campaign.

Social Listening +

- Social Listening

ActivationHUB gives you one place to easily track hashtag analytics. Track key measurements such as posts, users, reach, and impressions.  See the top influencers interacting with your hashtag and track specific user accounts.  Easily analyze demographics, locations, and a timeline of interactions with your custom hashtag. 

Brand Ambassador Training & Monitoring +

- Brand Ambassador Training & Monitoring

Use ActivationHUB to train brand ambassadors on key responsibilities. Our integrated video feature can require brand ambassadors watch brand or event specific content before starting the event. Provide event specific documents and videos to ensure your brand ambassadors are prepared and on point.

Use GPS location services to track brand ambassador progress and locations - allow them to “check-in” and “check-out” to track event time. ActivationHUB provides an operations portal that helps brand managers communicate, track, and monitor brand ambassadors in-market.  

RSVP & Guest List +

- RSVP & Guest List

Are you hosting a VIP event or need the ability to check in attendees on site? Build lists, send emails, collect consumer purchase motivators, and integrate lead scoring and surveys into the registrations process with ActivationHUB.

Mapping & Location Search +

- Mapping & Location Search

ActivationHUB takes the guessing out of planning an event. Give your event planning team the ability to search past events by brand, event type, industry, location, venue, and event results. Search via an interactive map or custom filtering to find critical details about past events.

Event Analytics +

- Event Analytics

ActivationHUB provides real-time event analytics for the agency, account teams, and brands.  ActivationHUB provides standard reports, ad-hoc reports, and custom dashboards to easily track and prove event ROI.

Brand / Client Access +

- Brand / Client Access

Agencies - gain a competitive advantage by providing your clients with real-time access to event results, photos, videos, and sentiment analysis. Brand level access can be configured by campaign or brand depending on your dynamic needs.

Brand Ambassador Talent Database +

- Brand Ambassador Talent Database

Who are your top brand ambassadors? Who are your top brand ambassadors in Chicago who have experience with mobile tours in the automotive industry? ActivationHUB’s talent database gives brands and agencies the ability to quickly search brand ambassadors and managers that meet very specific criteria. Quickly find and connect with your past top performers.

Zip Code Demographics +

- Zip Code Demographics

ActivationHub gives brands and agencies one place to track all event results.  Once events are completed we compare event results to other third party data sources such as zip code demographics (age, gender, car traffic, household income, etc.) to try and find correlations between campaign results, and location based demographic data.